It's the little things


A major excuse for getting 3D printer several years ago, and subsequently a Glowforge, was the idea that I would make enclosures for electronics projects. This is super trivial, but I was very happy how I was able to pull together a number of different tools, things from the parts drawer, and months of practice with workflows and software to be able to hack something together in an afternoon including a minimalist enclosure to avoid shorting out the bare circuit board.

It’s just an Internet-controlled USB socket made from a Particle Photon, a MOSFET, and a type A connector. I have some USB-powered junk that I wanted to turn on and off remotely and this does the trick in a neat and tidy package.


Oh, my… thanks for sharing. I’m a hardware “maker” as well, and have been holding off on completing one of my dozens of half-started projects - window blind automation - because I wanted them to be wifi controlled. I didn’t know these little guys existed, not that I had looked around, but I was thinking Arduino, and haven’t gotten up to speed on that yet…


I don’t consider being able to knock out an enclosure in 5 min. “trivial”, I think it is one of the things that make this thing wonderful.


Looks like a good solution! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a cute little thing. Nice job!


One does not refer to electronics as… “cute.” :wink:


One may not, but many do…


Scary how annoying that is. :grimacing:


I don’t agree with your comment that this is “super trivial”. I think it is simply super.


I guess more important than the complexity of the solution is the difficulty of the problem it solves. And turning on these lights over the Internet is a pretty high value proposition…