I've got you now Spiderman! - yours truly, Venom

Many of you may have seen some of my previous layered comic cover fan art. I have been on double shifts at my other jobs for the past month and a half and had very little time to glowforge after work but squeezed in smaller projects where I could. Now I am back on my normal schedule and managed to knock both of these out in the first week back to normal hours. The venom one is three layers and the other “New ways to die” one is two layers. I am throwing in some of the best shots of them just to save some time, but if you want to see more shots or angles, you can view them both on my page: fb.me/freshstartcustoms your welcome to check it or the older ones I made out if you wish.

Favorite parts about each to look out for:
New ways to die: from center of chest to the pieces in his hands are about 6 different levels of shading
Venom: His face, eyes, and mouth shading are just stunning. I included zoomed in photo of his face that was my main focal point of this one and that’s why I didn’t make his hand another layer.

Comments are welcomed.




Just goes to show the potential impact of a simple concept executed really well. Nice.


Very cool! As always! :smile:


Dude…I can’t keep buying these things from you. The wife will kill me. :wink:

You really should do a tutorial on how you do this. All your stuff is amazing.


It’s complicatedly simple lol if that makes sense. lol Basically if you want to make it the easy way you just find an image you want then highlight the area you want with either the quick selection tool or the lasso tool and clean up with the lasso tool all in photo shop then control +shift + J to make it a separate layer. then go back to first layer and make the cut out area white so you have an area to glue the second layer too. then you import them into illustrator and add cut lines. Thats the easy version. then there is the complicated version where you do a really detailed clean up with lasso tool by hand and black and white image them, with custom levels, then raw camera filter boost the contrast and shading levels twice sometimes three times with selected manual areas. I need to get more better at video editing and recording my voice some how to do a youtube tutorial sometime in the future.


These are great … The layers give so much impact!