Jagged engraving

Friday I started getting jagged/wobbly engraves. Cleaned lenses, tightened belt. Machine less than a month old. Also not cutting though. Gift of good measure done on PG basswood. Please help!

Most likely there is debris in your belt right about the spot it’s jagged - and as the cut lines on your GoGM are very wide it looks like your lens may be in upside down (either that or it’s not focusing, but since the rest is in focus that seems less likely).

With your machine off, very slowly roll the arm forward and back, and the head side to side - see if you can figure out where the belts are catching, and then go to that spot, clean any debris and look for any damage to teeth or wheels.

Fingers crossed it’s something easy :slight_smile:


In addition to what has already been suggested, closely inspect your wheels for cracks or debris. Also, wipe down your rails.

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The actual cut lines aren’t any wider than usual - I believe the GoGM had some engraving around the circles you are seeing. I’ve checked for debris and cleaned the rails and belt to no luck.

This is a cut line - it’s too wide
The cut line should be as thin as the score line (the one right next to it) with maybe a touch more haze around it due to fire.
These are cut lines of about the same zoom level:


Ah yes, I see. I was so frustrated by that point I wasn’t paying attention! Thanks!

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Hi, My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

It looks like we are all settled and found a solution for you through email tickets!

I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post now. If you have any other questions or need help with anything else feel free to send a message our way by either creating an email ticket or a new forum post!