January Update?

Well, only if there’s air filter progress. :wink:


Lookin’ bad for a January update, it being the 26th and all.

Here’s my guess: the counter’s been stuck on day 30, for both basic and pro, for quite some time.

I’m a decent bit after the 30 day campaign. My ship day has been slipping just a bit, I think they’re waiting until they can announce they’ve shipped all domestic units from the 30-day campaign.

Though they only have a few hours before it’s not a January update anymore.


Hey Dan, is there a february update? :wink:


I guess nothing happened in January. No milestones made. No bug improvements. Nothing in the pipeline. I hope they circle back to software.

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Did I miss the memo on no more monthly updates?

i’m totally fine with colors vs layers. i use layers in the designs i do (i go back to photoshop before it had layers), but layers for me indicate stacking order, not cutting order. or opportunities to lock items vs edit items.

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As do I. Compositing was such a pain in the butt. :slight_smile: