Japanese Hiragana-Katakana puzzle (My first project!)

I’ve had my machine for about a month now, and I’ve made some stuff using files people have shared here (Thank you!) or that I found online. After feeling a little more comfortable with the machine I’ve finally created and made something on my own! eek.

I made my daughter a Japanese Hiragana-Katakana puzzle. I printed the hiragana letters on one side with a star and the correlating katakana letter on the back (think big Y on one side little y on the other type thing) of each piece. I used the camera to scan drawings I did of things that start with each letter and engraved that on the back piece so she knows where to put the letters.

I was kind of nervous about how it would work out, but I’m pretty happy with it :smile: and my daughter seems to like it too.


That is so cool!


Nice Work!
Something made from the heart and hands of the giver mean so much more than anything mass produced.


すごい! Really awesome. (Did my daughter and I start a trend?)

You and your daughter have a much broader Japanese vocabulary than I and mine, but the picture of your puzzle made a fun game for us as we tried to figure out the word for each picture for each kana. (We’re stumped on 「ぬ」and 「を」 though.)

May you and she have many hours of fun and learning.


I really like how this turned out. The engraving is simple and clean. Good job.


Thank you :smile: I like your card- I wish I’d thought of Totoro!

I did ぬりえ (coloring page) for ぬ and left を blank since there are no Japanese words with that letter in it.


Oops, it’s 「ん」I meant to ask about, not 「を」. (Didn’t realize the placement of yours was different from mine at first, too! :sweat_smile:) Now that I know which kana it goes with, I suppose it’s the end of 「ライオン」, right?


correct :+1:

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I don’t know Japanese, but very cool!

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Wow! This is amazing I want to make one for my daughter.

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