Jazz Band Picture Frame

Our son’s big Christmas present this year is a trip to Europe next summer with his high school jazz band. That doesn’t fit well under the tree, though, so I made this picture frame for him to fill with a memory when the trip is over.

His band’s logo is up top and the five jazz festivals they’re scheduled to perform at are across the bottom. It’s made of Proofgrade maple ply for the front and back and draftboard for the internal layers (plus a piece of acrylic “glass”). There’s a keyhole-style hanger in the back, as well as slots to attach a desk stand (yet to be designed, if needed).

(The trapezoidal shape is just perspective - the frame is rectangular.)


Fantastic! Of course you know all the other band members are going to want one too, right?


It turned out awesome!

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What a fitting addition to your gift! Love the template picture, too. :slight_smile:

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Cool frame! :grinning:

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Hi, I’m new to the group and waiting for my GF pro to arrive. I was wondering how do you get the photo in the from. I’m pretty good with illustrator so making the front is no problem. But the back of the frame I have not a clue. Thanks

Very nice. Pretty cool way to memorialize the tour.

I used little wedges, similar to the approach some traditional frames use. The back layer is medium Proofgrade ply, but the next one in from the back is thick draftboard, which gives the wedges a little more depth to work with.


Thank you. This was very helpful.