JDS Favorites?


That moment your Sergeant calls you into the office and tells you to close the door…:grimacing:
…then tells you he runs a trophy business on the side and was excited to learn you just got a laser becasue he needs help on a order lol. :smile: He then tells you he buys wholesale from JDS and offers to piggy-back on his upcoming order for free shipping. Yippeeeeeee!!!
(Being called to the Sgt’s office is a true pucker moment in law enforcement. Having to shut the door behind you is downright scary lol.)

*** So the question is, what’s your favorite products from JDS?? Money wil be limited, so would love to get some feedback. ***


Sweet! Wish all the times I’ve been called into “the office” went as well as that one did :smile:

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Yippie, indeed! Nice!

So I’m consulting for this company and I walk in the door. The CEO sees me and says “Tom… Good… You’re here. Please come with me.” And he leads me to his office and says “Close the door.” I’m thinking “What the heck could I have possibly done?!” He sits in his chair, stone cold for a moment, not even looking me in the eye. And then finally says “Tom, I’m not going to bullsh*t you because you’ll figure it out anyway. But I was surfing porn with the company laptop and I got infected. Can you help me out?” I chuckled “Sure, Mike… Not a problem.”


At least doctors & needles weren’t involved in fixing the infection he picked up :slight_smile:


i really hope you started by pulling out a box of clorox wipes and cleaning everything before you touched the keyboard. :wink: