Jeff and the Turkeys

My husband was ambushed on the road by a band of wild turkeys today. I can’t stop giggling. (Best with sound!)


So I saw the turkeys in the road and I heard the turkey driving the car… where was Jeff? :slight_smile:


That’s funny! My husband hunts every year and didn’t even hear anything this year. The population is down a lot!


That’s a heck of a band name.


They’re all brave now but wait til thanksgiving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They probably saw their reflection in the car! I love the wild turkeys who come on our property. We put corn out for them every day (and no, we don’t shoot them, we just enjoy watching them). There’s one group of three males who wait and watch for Marc to bring the corn and then they come running up as fast as they can as soon as they see him turn his back and start heading back towards the house. We’ve named them Tom, Dick and Harry. And then there’s a loner who comes quite often. We call him Tom Sr. We’ve had as many as 24 come, which drives our chickens nuts! But usually it’s just the three, Tom Sr., and quite often a group of 5-7 females. They’re fun to watch, and I love listening to them first thing in the morning as they’re starting to stir.


Oh gosh, thanks for the chuckle! The follow-on jokes were pretty good too.


Ha ha :rofl: Maybe he should have just wished them a Happy Thanksgiving.


That’s hysterical! I love how they would move to the side of the car, but as soon as the car started moving forward, they’d run out in front again.

Is it true Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey as the national bird?


I’ve heard that!


He made a lot of very good arguments. White headed fish eagles are common all over the world. Each species is a bit different but they all have the white head and tail. Eagles are also the symbols of most authoritarian governments at the time (and still) where the turkeys are vegetarian and represent a metaphor closer to his ideal. Turkeys are also native to the US with no cousins in the rest of the world. Wild turkeys are very smart and quite unlike what should now be a separate species that is domestic turkeys.

Unknown in his time is that wild turkeys are “honorable” in that they will concede in a fight that they lose and the winning bird will respect that, while a peacock has no such instinct and will continue to attack until the turkey is dead, while the turkey cannot break the instinct, or understand why the peacock continues to attack.


Ummm…and he didn’t beep the horn why?


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