Jenny Stamp Sign and Blender 3D Logo Sign Update

The Jenny Stamp Sign

For the longest time I have had the idea to create a sign of the famous upside down flying “Jenny” stamp. So with the help of my Glowforge and good amount of time creating the artwork on my computer this is how it all turned out. One feature that I am happy I added to the sign was the outer perimeter that is cut out like a stamp. Makes it stand out correctly. The sign is 10" X 12" in size.

This is how the back of the “Jenny” stamp sign was made. I wanted the sign not to be flat against the wall when I hung it. It’s a simple frame that is an inch thick and offsets the artwork to look nicer on the wall and is fitted and glued to the back of the sign.

The Blender 3D Logo Sign

I am a long time user of Blender 3D to create 3D artwork so I just had to make a sign to hang on my wall. I made a Blender logo sign quite some time ago in fiberglass. It was my first fiberglass project and after having put up with how bad the project turned out I finally got to work on updating the sign using my Glowforge.

Here is my original sign in fiberglass. The photo above makes this project look great. Actually it is very rough and needed much more sanding and finishing work to make it excellent. That it is not… far from it to be honest. So it was time to remake this project and post the sign here.


I really like how the new sign turned out. I made a one inch thick wooden framework to mount the white base on to and set it off from the wall when it is hung very similar to what I made for the “Jenny”. The letters were offset using one inch tall 3D printed cylinders to give the sign some nice depth as well.


The Jenny sign turned out really nicely. What is the material?


These are great. Thanks for showing how you did the back of the Jenny. Great job!


The “Jenny” sign was made with Medium Draftboard.


Looks great


I love the stamp edging as much as you do, and it is an inspired touch!


These are great! Your signs have inspired me to rethink my approach to a couple of projects. Thank you for sharing!


We have one of those. The stamp was a mis-print, but my ex’s father flew that 'plane. He flew the last open-cockpit mail run as well. We have mail that he sent to himself on that flight. His first pilot’s license is signed by O. Wright. Wish I’d known him - he died when my ex was an infant, 10 years before I was born.


The Jenny sign is just wonderful. I can envision a wall display of various vintage stamps to go along with it.


I love all of them! The stamp edging really makes the Jenny design pop. And I really like both Blender logo renditions. I like the solid-ness and weight of the first version and the floating feel of the second.


The Jenny stamp is gorgeous! I salute you for your attention to detail. This is one of my favorite stamps; I used to have a ‘Jenny’ sweatshirt from the Postal Museum.

I agree with @cynd11 about an awesome display of wall art, all stamp designs.


The Jenny Stamp is a spectacular adornment for any wall! It’s nice that you continued to work on the look you wanted for your logo sign. They both look great though!

Love the stamp. Great work.