Jewellery box



Let me start by saying that I did not make this, nor did I come up with it. But I though it was such a great design and execution that I wanted to share.

My stepmother just returned from Teheran and brought some gifts back. My sister got this nice piece of jewellery but I was more interested in the box! It was laser made:

It’s a very simple design but it works so good! On the lid it has the name of the Jeweller followed by the phone number. (If I’m correct 44052399)

As you can see the box slots together quite nicely and of course I had to open it up.

This last pic show all the parts that are used for the box.

The box feels and sounds like plastic, but the cuts smell like charred wood. So I figure it’s some kind of veneered wood.

I love how this simple and elegant design surpasses that of the original ring box we are used to.

Hope you enjoy and are just as inspired as I am.


Lovely design. A great example of something simple but elegant. Thanks for sharing the find!


Very cool and sweet little box. Thanks for sharing the design…it has started the wheels in my head turning…


So simple yet unique.
I just may have to try making something similar…lol


With a hinge design, could a box be made that has a rolling cover (kind of like a roll top desk - image below)?

Hopefully, what I am asking makes sense - a cover that bends that is pulled down to close and pushed back to open.

I looked for something like this on the internet, but couldn’t find anything. Maybe I don’t know the proper search terms.


Really cool design. The topic is a twist on the old joke about wanting to play with the box over the present!


The word you are looking for is tambour hinge.
I am pretty sure you could make something that worked that way although it would have visible slits in it.


A Tambour on a desk is usually a bunch of slats held together with strips of fabric glued to the back, although occasionally they are done by having interlocking tongues and grooves that hold them together while allowing the needed flex. The whole thing slides in a groove in the sides that runs straight down the back to hold it when it is pushed up. While the Glowforge would be unable to mill interlocking slats, it should be able to easily cut a whole bunch of strips of wood that could be attached together with fabric, and we have seen that it can cut grooves, so this kind of thing should be possible on a smaller scale with the Glowforge. :slight_smile:


That’s thinking outside the box. Off to Pinterest to look for jewelry boxes for inspiration.


Thanks @jkopel and @B_and_D_T for offering the correct wording of what I was trying to describe above :slight_smile:. Now I can research for this on my own.

So, it’s probable that if I cut a living hinge (for flexibility) and lined it with fabric (for stability), it might function like the interlocking slats on a tambour?

I am guessing, that if a box is small enough, I can cut tambour tracks into the sides of the box using a GF? If so, that would be pretty cool.

Thanks again!


exactly - and it would have no trouble doing the curved track accurately either!


My son made me a bread box with this type of cover…it used strips of canvas on the backside.

Pretty sturdy


Sometimes the really simple boxes can look extremely clever. Thanks for sharing.


That’s really cool! Thanks for sharing it with us. I’m curious, can you read the Farsi on the front?


I can’t. I’ve only dabbled in the Arabian tongue every once in a while when I was in a country with that language. I’ve never been to Iran but my Stepmother and sister are fluent in Farsi and a handful of other languages.

The numbers are easy though. At least. I think that I did well.


The living hinge may work out fine, if it can handle the tightest curve at the top.


You are close on the number. The V is a 7, not a 5. I had to look that up, because 7 and 8 always confused me, 8 is just an upside down V. I also found out the Iranian 4 is different, the Syrian one looks like an E. Also, I think it might be the other way, reading it right to left. I think it is 99327044. But its been a long time since I’ve used Arabic numbers, so I could be wrong.


I found this at Thingiverse, and thought it might be something along the lines of what you are imagining.

(I’m very new here, and don’t know how to post pictures yet. Sorry.)


Thanks @marmak3261. Here is a picture with the top rolled back.


welcome @dcarolan. Good find. If you have downloaded the photo locally you can upload it or use one of your own. Are you on a mobile device or desktop computer? look for the word “upload” on mobile to to the right of the editing window. On desktop, click button on the toolbar that is an arrow pointing up going over a horizontal line. Hover and it will give a tool tip. Good post. Now if you go back and edit your post to put the picture in, you’ll get an edit badge. Also, just right click/ctrl C or whatever Macs do on the picture to copy it and then paste it directly in the editing window.


Hello @dcarolan, thank you so much for posting this. I did a few web searches, but was unsuccessful. This is great, thanks!