Jewelry Glue for wood and acrylic?

I’m so surprised that a forum search did not yield a definitive answer. I would like to make broach pins and earrings. Is E6000 the best glue for wood to pin blank?

If I get brave enough for acrylic, what is the best glue to adhere that to a pin blanks?

I hope I get enough hours so I am confidently make good quality jewelry on my “baby”


For that application I would be tempted to use that UV cured resin, like Bondic for example. Unlimited work time, and cures right now.
For acrylic, I would recommend roughing the surface a bit to give any adhesive some “Tooth”.


I’ve had good success using a thick CA, but you do want to sand the surfaces with a coarse sandpaper to give them some tooth.

I’ve also used E6000 on a lot of projects, and it should do fine as well.

(I just don’t care for it as much cause it tends to dry out in the tube. And I wind up stringing it all over the place. If you’re non-klutz, it should be okay.)


Ditto E6000 drying up. I’ve also had it peel off metal, even when there’s a decent tooth. 2 part epoxy has been my go-to for most projects.

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What brand do you prefer?

I’ll have to check when I get home. . .

I like for adhesive advice.


This is a great site!

Tightbond Instant Bond Wood Adhesive has worked very well for me with wood and acrylic. It works as advertised though and bonds immediately.


Sorry it took so long for me to remember to check! The package I have is “2-Ton Clear Weld Epoxy”. I think I got it at Ace Hardware maybe.


Thanks so much!!

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