Jig design

I wanted to make a jig to hold a piece of beveled wood in my CNC router. Turns out that with a Glowforge, such things are possible. Made the profile of my piece as a cross section, banged out a bunch of them, with dowel holes to line them all up.

Pieces are from 1/4 MDF from Home Depot, cut at 125/full.

Easier to see in the pictures. One note: measure your dowel rod size and cut accordingly. A nominal 1/2" dowel actually turned out to fit better with .515 holes.


Yes, I recently made some special angled vice jaw inserts to cut the dovetails on my Puzzle Box project posted in the forum. The Glowforge becomes a go-to tool after a while.

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Great #practicalcut!


Glowforge as a tool to supplement use of other tool. Nice practical application.

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Nice jig!