Jigs / absolute positioning

The thing is: Is mine the correct one and the library one faulty or is it the other way around? Or is that much variance normal among the different batches of trays that have been produced. To what specifications are they manufactured to. I have always though that there could be differences in heights of crumb trays and when I found that the local library had one I took it upon myself to measure them and did find a difference.

One way to be sure, ask support.

I would think for a machine that is accurate to the 0.001" range that tolerances on things like this would be far lower than 0.0625".

the boots are critical if you have a pro and you are moving material through the machine.

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having done QC in a machine shop, I can say that is a damn accurate way to make those measurements.

ah the good old days. I can smell the coolant now…

I used to work for these guys.

those cutters are amazing.

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