Jigsaw puzzle people, check it

So now I want to design a set of jigsaw puzzles that are intentionally interchangeable. There is a new metapuzzle possibility somewhere in there.


Even more fun: put 2 of the same picture on (one per side), where the back picture is rotated 90*. Fun for days!


This has some interesting potentials with the ability to use identical laser paths for die cutting.

I’ve done several puzzles and have done some eval things like no border but I never thought to do this. Simple in concept but proper execution would be an art.

Ok, so how do you tell if it’s the same die cut!?

My wife is a puzzle fiend… This would be great family fun!

That would be the tough part, it seems. I wonder if the big puzzle manufacturers put a code or something on the box that indicates the die used.

This is definitely a really cool idea - super creative. I don’t know how well you could promote it from a commercial perspective to make it worthwhile, but it would be pretty easy to do on the Glowforge.

Do you think the back of the pieces should be marked to indicate which puzzle it is?

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Depends on how hard you want it!

could mark, or could just use different color chipboard/mattboard (as long as it’s the same thickness).


More examples:


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