Job countdown continues to decrease but head doesn't move

Hey GF support team. Having an issue where I send a file over, A file I have used many times and printed successfully. The glowforge will get to a certain spot and stop moving. The countdown on the GUI will continue going. The fan continues to run. Ambient temperature is perfectly within range. If I try pressing the button to pause, nothing occurs, even if I lift the lid the fan continues to run and the head does not rehome. It’s not even just this file. It has done the same to me before on previous files. It’s rather hit or miss when it does occur.

I’m so sorry to hear you ran into trouble.

The next time you see this, could you please:
• Let the time count down and let it “finish” without canceling it

• Let us know the time and date

Once we get this information we’ll take a look and follow up with the next steps.

@JeffG Ok it happened twice. Yesterday 9/14/19, no exact time. The last job ran on that date. Today 9/15/19 @ approximately 10AM PST. The times might not be exact but they are the last two jobs I ran. Both jobs ran to completion letting the timer run down with the laser head just sitting.

Thank you for running that additional test for us. I have followed up with your next steps by email. We are going to work on this there, so I am going to close this thread.