Job failed, not sure why?

Was attempting to cut the following lattice:

What came out was this:

Of special note is the area in the lower right (close up follows). Not sure what’s up there, but worrying.

How do we fix this?

So it looks like the job ran a significant distance from where you placed it on the screen and the preview indicated. The head appears to have extended too far right and burned that area pretty bad. Were you watching the cut?

Some machines have had a deal with hitting on the front right of the machine. But this looks worse - like the Head was significantly further to the right than it thought.

Did you bump the head by any chance, or move it when the machine was on?

It’s on a steady surface and didn’t get bumped. Was in bathroom when the burned area happened so didn’t see it sadly.

One unlikely thing to check… There is a random bug that causes parts to show up in a different place than where you pasted it. Has to do with copy and paste but very difficult to duplicate. If you get out of the file and reopen it are items where you originally placed them? If so, that’s not the problem.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m so sorry your print didn’t turn out the way you expected.

I extracted the logs to investigate the issue, and I believe there are two issues at play:

  1. Like @jbmanning5 suggested, your Glowforge unit’s printer head did not start from the right spot. Alignment can drift over time, particularly if you bump the head of your Glowforge while removing material.
  2. The design file you printed has two cut paths, one around the inside of your design and one around the outside of your design. This caused each shape to be cut twice.

I suggest rebooting your Glowforge, adjusting your design file so there’s only one cut line for each shape, and trying the print again.

I’m going to close this topic. If the problem persist or you have more questions, please open a new one and I’ll continue looking into it.

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