Job keeps pausing

My current job keeps pausing, over and over.

I thought maybe it was an air assist fan issue, so I went through the troubleshooting steps listed there, it did not solve the problem. The fan is cleaner now, and spins freely. All contacts are thoroughly cleaned.

I’ve restarted my router, I don’t believe it is a network problem.

I considered that it may be magnet-related, so I removed the magnets holding the material down (which I’ve used with no issue for over a year), and it still continued to pause.

Please advise.


When I try now and it pauses it says it’s “Focusing” at the top.

I guess my next step would be to check the browser version and clear the cache. Beyond that maybe try the phone hot-spot check…?

Good thoughts. I restarted my browser and I use auto-updated chrome, the problem persisted. I did a speed test on my phone on the same wifi right next to the GF and got normal results (45 megabits or so). Seems pretty solid.

I’m rerunning the job now and seeing more success. I’ll update the thread once it either completes or fails.

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So the job succeeded twice since this. I don’t have a good explanation, but it appears to be working now.

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I’m glad it seems to be resolved! I’m going to close this thread.

If you run into any other trouble, please don’t hesitate to start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!