Johnson Saddle “leather”- what glue works?

The Johnson Plastics saddle collection leather substitute is easy to cut/engrave and cheap enough to experiment with, but it’s backed with a fabric lining that I can’t place. I want to glue two layers together post cut so the leather is double sided. So far I’ve tried Aleene’s fabric fusion and flexible fabric glue but they don’t hold. Anyone have luck gluing this stuff? Please let me know what you’ve tried and if it worked or not!

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Haven’t tried that specifically but I imagine some kind of contact cement would lock it down very permanently. I use that for other leathers. (And woods, metals and plastics.) Gorilla makes a good one.

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I agree with Jules and was going to recommend contact cement. I use this stuff with success.


Let’s us know if you find something that works well. I have not tried gluing it, yet but, I have a small pile here for experimenting.

The material backing is most likely required to hold the faux leather material together–removing it may substantially weaken you sheet. Often faux stuff if just bonded tiny shreds of material (not unlike MDF), and the back applied so the product can actually hold up to any use and/or make it cheaper to produce with really thin top layer, and the cheaper backing for the strength…

But perhaps you can get it to work for you–esp. with glueing back to back, it may be strong enough.

For real leather, there are leather glues and cement options–I presently use the Fieblings white leathercraft cement–and it works well for other materials, too. But not ideal if product will get wet a lot–Barge’s toulene based cement is super tough & the leather will split before the joint will, but toulene is not good to breath, so there is a toulene free version, though I now just use the Fiebling’s leathercraft cement.

Hi all, I had some success with weld wood contact cement but I think next time I’ll incorporate stitching as well.

Can you burnish the edges?


Too bad. That is my favorite part of leather work so far.

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