This is a web-based app that could up the complexity of some projects. Thanks, Mr. @m_raynsford!

Looking for specific software: custom trays 3D to 2D
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 11, 2017

This and Pepakura and a lot of free time could be pretty powerful. Thanks for the link!


Bookmarked! Thanks :wink:


Thanks for the link! I mostly design with various types of locking slot joinery, but I’m working on a laser-cut veneer project that’ll probably need a lot of zip tie-style tab joinery, so this may save a lot of time.


Bookmarked as well. Played with it a little bit. Seems interesting. I’ll have to play around some more.


Thanks for that!


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Omg that’s insane. I didn’t know I wanted hook joinery till just now. Can’t wait to play with it soon.


This is exciting! Thanks for sharing it–I’m bookmarking as well.


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Bookmarked this as well totally amazing!!! :sunglasses: