Joshforge II is in the house



(@jkopel’s house)

Looking forward to hearing what he cooks up next! The differences between this Joshforge I & II are small (engrave settings tuning, better airflow balance, etc) but we wanted him to have the latest hardware and firmware.


To work @jkopel ! Ya mule! Faster faster!



Gee thanks for stealing my thunder @dan I have been sitting here composing my “heeees back” post! :smile:


LOL. Post it anyway!




S/w and h/w ? Or just firmware. Other then him breaking the first one if it was just s/w are you ota update ready atm or would he have brought it back in to the shop anyway to do a hardlink update


I am anticipating a pretty quick turnaround for the next few projects, since @jkopel has had a couple of weeks of downtime and likely has already planned and created the designs for a few things. :wink:


Great to get another machine in the hands of the best Glowforge beta tester on the planet! :wink:
Thank you sir for your time in wringing the laser out for us, and the cool projects you share.


Sadly I am super busy with work ATM, but I do have a few things in the hopper™
@markevans36301 I think you nailed it. :smile:


but will @dan ever let you name your own forge?


When the day comes that all betas are returned to their source and the Glowforges flow freely to eager makers the world over, then I shall name my own forge.

Until then I guess I am stuck with joshforge 2.
Not that there is anything wrong with that…


Have you considered Joshuaforge 2 by chance? :upside_down:


so just over you get over the DT’s the glow folk get you back on the vein. oldest trick in the book the free sample…


Hmmm, that has a kinda nice ring to it I guess.


Or… Joshuaforge The Second ? :smiley:


I noticed that @Dan mentioned that JoshForge was in the booth and you can clearly see Joshforge2 listed on screen in @trilo’s video at about 6m30s:


so josh forge 2 was actually the unit they where using for the talk

josh by proxy your beta device is a star


It’s true! We’re still checking over all units by hand before pressing them into service, and JFII went from factory, to our office for a once-over, to Maker Faire, to Josh.