Joshforge is in the shop


FYI, Josh isn’t slacking off his beta duties - there’s a mechanical problem causing some uneven cuts. We repo’d Joshforge and will investigate once we finish Maker Faire preparations.


Hopefully its something simple to fix


Thank you for the heads up. :slight_smile:


Good to know. Thanks



Glowforge is known to be addictive.

I am going into withdrawal.


We are all so lucky to have such a talented person to be found within driving distance of the gf skunk works. That should make it where you can be cutting again really soon and Dan and company will have an important data point.



Good work Josh, exactly what we all needed you to do.
Run it into a limitation, and expose a bug. One found for the team to attack, get that man another 'forge!


Yes, good work Josh. Keep it up.


Where can we send get well cards? Hope you’re up and about soon Joshforge!


The having to wait for them to finish the Maker Fair stuff would be torture. “Are you done yet? How bout now? How about now? Now!? Skip the faire!”


Don’t know that we have a 12-step program for Glowforge withdrawl yet Josh :confounded: Hang in there!! Work on those plans for the upcoming projects!!


Just show us some more photos of your cat while we’re waiting.


Be careful what you ask for!


That cat looks weirdly intelligent. And not just in a smart-for-a-cat kind of way. My dog chases squirrels every day and every day he looks like he has never ever seen a squirrel before. That cat looks like it could write dissertations.


Chuckle! He’s a beauty! (Looks like he likes to get into whatever daddy is doing too!) :smirk:


He’s looking deeply into your eyes, attempting to hypnotize you into getting out the treats. I know that look.