Jpeg color

How do I change the color of the .jpg? When I pull it in it is so light that I can barely see it. I am trying to line it up with a second image which is also a .jpg and the second image pretty well disappears when it’s not selected. Is there an alignment tool available?

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No, not yet. But there is a much easier way to get it placed correctly now than trying to visually align it.

Select the original now, then click the little ruler icon at the lower left. Write down the two numbers for X position and Y position shown in the boxes. Then put those numbers in for the replacement design. (Obviously that means having the outside cutline the same in both files, but you can turn that off by setting it to Ignore in the thumbnail column.)

It’s aligned exactly that way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for what I want to do. I’m just having to eyeball it, but it is hard to see with the light colored .jpg image.

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Can you just create a rectangle the same size as the original design? That gives you the relative locations.

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What exactly isn’t working? You should be able to specify say they top right corner, get the x-y coordinate from the original, and then select the new and type in those coordinates while selecting the top left corner. That will pin the specific corner to the top-right corner of the original.

You can use the coordinates and anchor point selection to line them up across either the x or y. Or any number of combinations.


top-corner alignment won’t work if the files are different sizes, ie placing a small square jpg image onto a larger rectangular one.

Is there any reason not to simply align and combine the images in a graphics editor before uploading to the GF?


I have a shape that I want to cut on a CNC, then put a border around it on the laser engraver. I have a cutout in the border where the shape will overlap, so that border does not end up on top of it. The shape is toward the center but not centered. I’ve decided to use registration marks to align. Thank you.

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I’m afraid there isn’t a way to change the color of uploaded artwork in the App. It’s a great suggestion, and I’ve passed it on to our team!

Meanwhile, the alignment suggestions that everyone else here made are spot-on!