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First of all I just want to say, my Glowforge has been fantastic. It has everything I have asked of it with minimal problems.

I am trying to convert some old jpg drawings I have. I use Inkscape, and every time I go to YouTube to look up a way to convert them to a svg I get a different method. Also I have tried the free online conversions. The jpg is converted and the resulting svg looks a little ragged. I clean it up in Inkscape and when I bring it into my glowforge it changes size, usually larger than original.

Anyone have a surefire way to convert jpg’s? I have tried bring the jpg directly into the dashboard but once again it changes size. I’m willing to pay for a program, but don’t know which one to purchase.

Thank you in advance, because I know someone has the solution.

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In Inkscape you select your drawing and then click ‘path’ and ‘trace bitmap’.
You can play around with the settings until you get the best possible trace. Not every image will work but you’ll figure that out.
Also, the traced image will be over or under the original. You have to slide them apart to examine it.

One more thing about the size issue. Make sure inkscape is set to 96 DPI. That should be the default but check it anyway.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try tomorrow

That’s the first time I have read this information. Thanks again

It can be hit or miss but try convertio its a free image converter. I have had good results with it.


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