Jumping off rails out of the box

I just unpacked my GF pro and during the first power on the printer head jumped off the rails during its setup. I put it back on, moved by hand a few times, both belts seem tight and equal on both sides. I see a few deformations on the wheels but not enough I would think to derail it.
Any help would be awesome while I’m waiting for support to get back to me.

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Always turn your machine off before moving the printhead and the carriage arm.

Have you tried turning the machine back on and continuing with your first prints?


Yeah, haven’t even got to try a print yet. I rest the arm and the machine probably 10 times and same outcome.

You said the printhead jumped off the rails. Was it the printhead or the laser arm?

With the machine off and the honeycomb tray removed, open the front door and get some light in there so you can have a look. Slide the carriage arm forward and back looking for a wire or something catching. Slide the printhead back and forth also looking for any glitches.

If it was the arm that derailed, read this: https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/4466641175835-Laser-Arm-Derailed

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It’s definitely not catching on anything. One thing I noted is the right/aft roller does not roll or make contact with the rail in the middle of the forge. It almost seems like thought the left and the right motors are out of sync or something.

It could be the motors. Is your Glowforge level?

Glowforge is perfectly level…

I see someone else had this issue a few weeks ago on here and the left wheels may have been to blame according to the owner, but no resolution was posted. I betting this may a return…

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