Junk Drawer: From nightmare to zen with flair!

Let him try that with flypaper :smiling_imp:

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We love our despicable felines also.

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You should try living with a full size (ie 75 lb.) collie in a 10’ x40’ mobile home. Those happily wagging tails are massively destructive ! (and 2 people, a cat, a cockatiel ,a hamster and a 10 gallon tank of tropical fish.) Yes, that was our living situation for the first 2.5 years after we got married.


Haha. I have an Australian shepherd…so docked tail. Its probably saved us a bunch too since his butt is always wiggling. And the cat, and the fish. I want a hamster…but then i really don’t.

Last night i had a dream that i kept finding stray kittens…by the time i woke up, i was ready to move to a bigger place because of all the cute kittens i acquired in my sleep.

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Impressed I am!