Just 6 more to go

My daughter has an enormous manga collection, but her shelving units ar so deep they are half useless. So I am making some risers to go behind the front row so she can see at least part of the titles. I used the box-o-magic app on the apple App Store. The ends are loose but the center decider is perfect. Weird, huh. But it fits EXACTLY across the width. Finally using up the materials that came with my GF.


Awesome! Way to solve a problem…and way to use up the proofgrade!


Wonderful idea!

I’ve got the same problem with my collection. I have it arranged to meet what I read most, but the Kallax shelves from Ikea really are so deep that I have a hard time deciding the best way to view them.

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This won’t make them completely visible, but enuf so that when she looks, she’ll instantly know what series it is. But ask her to do the dishes before she goes to bed and the next morning, it’s “I forgot”. :flushed:

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Since I’m the one who organizes the books, I have no issue knowing where everything is at. The only issue I have is my household thinking my bookshelf is their junk-drawer. Right now I’m wondering why my husband has an oil filter, lint roller, and shoe cleaner near my books, not to mention cameras and other random junk. I only have three shelves dedicated to non-books (the other shelves are not pictured, but one is just for records and the record player)…everything that isn’t supposed to be there is getting in the way of me buying more books…maybe that’s their plan…


@CMadok is this my wife plunking me? :joy::rofl:


I think your wife and I could be great friends.


There’s a scary thought :grin:


I have the complete set of Louis L’Amour books that have their own antique bookshelf. The built-in bookshelves in my craft room (5 shelves), which were full of books? Those books, except one shelf full of my favorite books) are now in boxes underneath my work table, as are 10 totes from another large bookcase, as all of those shelves are now filled with GF materials and other crafting projects.