Just a BIG Thank You!


I just want to express my thanks for my new family!
Everyone here is so giving in their tips, tricks, help and support! This “family” that I’ve fallen into may be better than the product that I’ve purchased and am looking so forward to receiving!
I know, from all of you, that i have a lot if programs to lean!! I love learning!! So tremendous thanks for that alone!
Its been 12 years since finishing my education in multimedia and has been a difficult road in this area since. Last fall i purchased a professional drone and have done everything, researched, taken courses and am looking forward to utilizing my drone for photo and video services. The production i know! Then I came across the GF😶! OMG!!
I can make my graphics come to life!!!
A little background… Been in food service management for over 30 years… .background in music and fine arts, degree in multimedia… Um… Weddings and businesses!!!
But to have a support group as all of you was way more than expected! Thank you all!!!
I have a hell of a lot of programs to lean! And an awesome office to finish!!!


Welcome to the fold! (Or funny farm, depending on your outlook.) :wink:


Either way…i like it!


That’s exactly how I feel.

That’s what’s kept me here thru multiple last minute delay announcements. I don’t really need another laser but this one comes with a built-in laser tribe. No better resource out there. So I’m patiently waiting :slightly_smiling_face:


an excellent summation of how I often feel about the forum and the great members on it. Thank you for expressing it.


The ease of use got me! I’m good at graphics, marketing and Photoshop. This product lets me do all of that! And to have my wife so interested in making jewelry is a major bonus! Getting my 16 y/o daughter involved in selling, shooting video and photo makes this an awesome family affair!


The product is going to be great, I know this as a preproduction unit is cutting behind me right now but I agree that the biggest thing Dan and company have done is to pull together the biggest bunch of dreamers, artists, and hooligansI have ever seen.


The support is incredible and more than i ever expected!
I was never good at illustrator or code, but photoshop, aftereffects, premier, another story. To have the help in understanding what works for a unit that i want to use to express my vision for my clients, is unheard of! Again, i have a lot of programs to learn and thanks to all of you!!!


To the Hooligans! Cheers! :beers:



Mighty good show…mighty good!


It’s wonderful to have you here along with so many other wonderful people!


There is a Folk Band known as the Hooligans that perform at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, we’ve performed with them several times now and have enjoyed hanging out with them backstage. We always have a blast.


On drones, I saw an advertisement for a company that opened with an arial view of the building from about 100 feet, lowering to the front and then flying through the open door of the building, through the office area into the warehouse.
It was a powerful professional presentation, made easy with a drone!

Welcome to the group! The forum as a resource was totally unexpected. We are all creative, or we wouldn’t be here. All of us scattered across many disciplines cast a wide net of skill and experience. A collective that would otherwise command a price to access.
We did pay dues in the form of a $2,000 minimum buy-in - but the price includes a fancy desktop laser! The forum is a cherry on top :sunglasses:


Welcome! Glad to have you here!


Love flying my drone and hope to soon start making money with it.
Its such a horrible thing to have so much fun and make money too!!


I have a drone and have been tasked with developing new tech to expand its range and develop new sensors for a new drone based venture. Are you a certified drone pilot? We might be interested in a collaboration.


How does one become a certified drone pilot that sounds awesome!


New rules in place since end of last August. Used to have to be a full fledged pilot. Now you have to show a certain number of hours in drone flight and take a drone fight test and written test. Prepping for both now. Business associate says it is easy.


I just gave myself an inspiration. What if I made the drone body into a supercapacitor, chargeable from electrostatic fields? Ol’ Ben Franklin would be pleased.


Of course, a lightning strike might not be too good.