Just a BIG Thank You!

Not yet, but plan on taking my exam very soon.

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You’d want a way to insulate your capacitors from the serious spike. I wonder if you could pull enough juice out of the radio frequencies to fly something small indefinetly? I’m thinking more jelly fish than quad copter

I don’t believe you have to have flight hours logged. Just take the exam.
I’ve taken three courses, including the FAA’s and have seen nothing stating you need a minimum number of flight hours.


What are you flying?

Prapel Cloud Rider to train, DJI Phantom 4 modified with FLIR for early contract work.


I have a pioneer JD 509 for practice ( its possesed!!) And my big one is a Yuneec Typhoon q500 4k. Both are identical in looks, but the pioneer is much smaller ( and possesed!).


You are correct. It’s a knowledge exam.

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Could it relate to our desire for using drones in business or at lower altitudes over populated areas? Maybe it is an insurance thing.

Are you doing section 333 exemption? Standard 107 is just knowledge (& bi-ennial revert). A 333 exemption allows you to bypass some regulations (like flying FPV) but the details are based on your application for exemption as it’s modified by the approval.

(I fly SAR myself)

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I honestly don’t know. A business partner just tells me what we need to do to comply. We will be flying over or near industrial sites so I assume that might require more.


Everytime I here thtthe word “hooligans”, I think of Bill Hicks. “The hooligans are , the hooligans are loose”.

Not sure if that joke was in this special. Also not for children, let’s call this PG-13

Are they still offering the 333 exemption? I thought they replaced that with the part 107.

Part 107 is the route to commercial use. Section 333 is a part of the FARs that was purposed to allow commercial use before they came up with 107 but can still be used if your mission requirements need something disallowed in the regs (night flight, flight over/near people, etc). The exemption will carry additional requirements though for things like training, equipment, etc.

OK, but you can request wavers for those situations with the 107.

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Welcome aboard the bus. Sit anywhere just please don’t lick the windows. We is very welcoming and we is SPESHEL.


Nice setup. I just got a P4A to learn quad/UAS ops (I’ve flown fixed wing RC for years). Now working on my 107 quals. I’m interested in adding NDVI & FLIR capabilities at some point.

My Phantom is so stable, I’ve thought about using it to video my GF. :sunglasses:


Every now and then I get to borrow a really expensive quad copter and shoot 4K video while taking sensor readings. It’s true, you almost feel guilty for getting paid to play with such cool toys!

Yup! Its great isn’t it???

A P4 w/ FLIR?! That sounds wicked! I’ve got a P2. Quite happy with that.


When we are firmly established with our contracts, I will reveal what we are doing.