Just a box

Very nice!

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Love it! Is the design on the side specific to anything? It’s cool!

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Is this Gallifreyan? The language of the Time Lords who are from Gallifrey on Dr Who?


It is Galifreyan… and it says: “Not all who wander are lost”.

(As a friend of mine says it’s pronounced: I’m a GIANT Nerd)


Just a mighty fine box!

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Cool box

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Looks perfect for holding 5.25” floppy disks!


Nice work. I have an affinity for the “roll top” lids!


what’s the material?

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Proofgrade maple plywood.

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Wow, I am surprised you got the living hinge to work that well in the proof grade. I haven’t had it work that well (the MDF snaps)

Where do you get a nicely designed version of the translation? I’ve only been able to find https://adrian17.github.io/Gallifreyan/ which ‘works’ but isn’t very fancy looking.

Start here: http://doctorscotgallifreyan.com/


Such a lovely rolltop box. You can store your nerdy Whovian stuff in there.

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Love it!

I prefer Circular … It seems to make more sense to me. The version in the OP can be generated with a font (sorry, I’m at work so I don’t know the name of the font) which I’m guessing is how that one was created.


I have the linear font, it’s simply called Gallifreyan. Forget where i got it from.

I use both the circular and the linear Gallifreyan based on the project that i am working on. I did a cutting board in linear and in English that said “would you like a jelly baby?”


I think it has to do with the scale of the cuts. I have had good luck with the medium ply…

Google Photos

This is bent around a penny.

Strange. I’ve had no issues with living hinges in PG.

love it