Just announced — SketchUp in your browser!

Trimble (the folks that own SketchUp) just announced a new in-browser version of SketchUp. Currently a free beta, follow this link to give it a try:


More info is available at http://help.sketchup.com/en/mysketchup


THIS!!! This is what I’ve been wanting for quite a while. I can’t download anything at work, so this is the perfect way for me to model things that are in my head before I forget them.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I kind of wish there was an actual login, and my designs are saved to a cloud, so when I go here from home, work, or friend’s house, I can have all of my designs with me.


Oh man!! This is even cooler than the free SketchUp socks I got at their AIA Expo booth one year (though only by a little bit).

I agree that a cloud-based saving system would be super awesome.


Couldn’t resist — updated my post with a quick & dirty model. Table and Glowforge objects from the 3D Warehouse. :sunglasses:


Thank-friggin’-goodness. Once more stuff goes to cloud-based software, I, as a Linux user, won’t be quite so left out. Got this running on my computer, but with issues. This will certainly take care of them.


Socks have certainly been a thing with the SketchUp team, dating back to the @Last (pre-Google/Trimble) days. I have a pair of the original “It doesn’t stink!” promo socks and their community director gifted me a pair of the new ones at a local meetup. :sunglasses:

They’ve always been very supportive of the education and maker communities, so hopefully they will make this available under their maker license for non-commercial use.


Those sound awesome!! I’m all about a good pun. Mine became my lucky ‘last night before final pin-up’ socks during school- served me very well!


Guys, there is also web based CAD Tinkercad from Autodesk. It should be compatible with other Autodesk free tools like 123D Make for preparing 2D cuts from 3D models.

I like SketchUp for many things, but it’s not very usable for direct manufacturing. Complex 3D models from SketchUp has manifold issues and needs fixing in another applications. I would avoid it for designing something which should be cut by Glowforge.


Absolutely – there have been discussions of all these tools (and many more). SketchUp isn’t going to be for everybody, but there has been a lot of interest in it, so I shared the announcement.


There you go trying to be all helpful and stuff. Geez, the nerve of this community trying to be friendly and all that just irks me the wrong way!!



Well… Folks keep telling me what’s paved with good intentions, but I just ignore them. :wink:


Thanks! My brother texted me with the same information. I haven’t looked at it yet; but I think its a great move. I wish I had some Sketchup socks. I’d kind of like to get some Glowforge socks, too. That’s one thing I don’t think will laser all that well…