Just Arrived, but…

My Glowforge is finally here after two months of waiting. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the condition of the box however. Inside it looks okay, but the box is toast. Who at Glowforge do I contact about the damaged box? I’m pretty sure this box won’t suffice if I have to send it back for problems.


Hang on to it, along with the foam inserts. If you have to, you can tape it closed all along those edges with a very strong duct tape like Gorilla tape and the box will still provide protection if you have to ship it back for any reason. (It’s not the first time the shippers have done a number on the boxes, and that’s what support has recommended in the past.)

New box is $250, you don’t want to have to mess with that if you don’t have to. If you do have to ship it back for any reason down the road, you can mention the condition of the box and they’ll let you know what to do. (You’ve reported it.) :slightly_smiling_face:

And have fun with your new Glowie!


But, should I let them know right now so they can make note of it somehow? I don’t want them to say I damaged the box somehow.


I would just email them. They can give you official word, we’re just a bunch of customers like you with no authority, you know? Since the box is so expensive I’d want an official statement on it if I were you.


Okay. I’ll shoot them an email with some pictures.

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At least they are well packed and unless it’s just crazy damaged, fairly safe inside! Glad it looks ok.


I would post this in “Problems and Support”. If I had to send it in, I would cobble it back together with cardboard and tape, confident that it wouldn’t come back to me in the remains of that “Box”.

The packing materials are engineered to keep the unit safe - to a point. If the case isn’t cracked and the lid is intact I think you should set it up and see what happens. Across the years I’ve been here I’ve seen the warranty in action. The issue is documented here, you’re protected.

Here’s hoping you can embark on the adventure you have envisioned.


You would just email support with photos and they will make a note of it so in case you ever have an issue, they will send you a new box. I had the same problem. I emailed support right away with photos and that’s what they told me.

From what I remember of the set-up, I thought that it actually said if there was damage to the box or the unit to e-mail them…but it’s been a few years.


Thank you! Email with photos has been sent. I don’t think they work weekends, so I’ll hopefully hear back next week.


I already sent them an email with pictures so I won’t post this in the Problems and Support section. From what I understand it creates duplicate tickets. I think the machine is okay. No visible damage anyway. The box looks bad, but there were no signs of it taking any severe hits or drops. Looks like it was dragged and the one side tore off. I know there should have been some thick cardboard pieces along the edges and straps, but I don’t know what happened to those. I’ll set it up tomorrow to make sure it doesn’t have any unseen damage. Crossing my fingers. It was a long wait to get this thing and I’d hate to send it back so soon!


If you have other boxes with one side bigger than that end piece you could make a replacement end of one or two layers ideally with ~2" you can fold and fix to the old top with wood glue. Mine had a giant gash on the top, so I did that with a sheet larger than the gash.

Now, have a blast with your new machine!

Our box looked pretty much like that too. I did take pictures of it, but neglected to email Support. I figured I would include it if and when I had to send the machine back in. But the machine was completely unharmed, as it is packed so well. Enjoy!

I’ve made several cuts with it already and it seems fine. Thank goodness for the good packing!


Yea, My box was as ratty, the inner box was in good shape, I fixed what I could, and threw out the rest.

Outstanding Service Reply! This is why I back this company.

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