Just being impatient

I got a tracking number on the 19th. It seems to be stuck in Lathrop, CA since the 20th. I’m sure it’s on its way and it just hasn’t checked into ups facility to say hi and be scanned. But I would think a ground packages going from CA to Vermont would have to be transferred a time or two.

Anyone have any insight?

Also, does the one tracking number cover both boxes?



I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to wait a few days until it hit the regional hub closest to you.

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yea, but

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I had the same problem with UPS. The two packages have different tracking numbers. The smaller package was showing all the normal steps through the system, but the larger package seemed stuck in Lathrop. I had hoped that they were together, just not getting scanned properly, but the unit itself was in limbo somewhere and didn’t show up on delivery day. I had to open an investigation with UPS and they found it in a depot in Maryland. I got it the next day.

Not sure about the app but if you track it on the web-based tracking, you should have a More Shipments, or More Packages in this shipment (something along those lines), at the bottom of the tracking info page.

Mine also went a little bit without an update but came through just fine.

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Looks exactly like mine, and UPS delivery is 1/26 “by end of day,” which means 8pm, when I won’t be near home. I hope they can narrow it down some before Friday. My Choice, won’t let me push it to Saturday, or any other day for that matter.

It’s on a train.

This happened to me, too. It gets on a freight train, then it doesn’t get another scan until it reaches the hub near its destination.


OOOh! it’s on a train!


Mine only showed Sunnyvale until the day before delivery.

What day did you return your acceptance to Glowforge? I returned mine on Dec. 27th. This last Saturday, Jan 20th, I received a tracking number for a package from Glowforge that was going to be delivered that day. I was out of town and raced home so that I wouldn’t miss the delivery. It turned out to be Proof Grade materials rather than the actual machine. Bottom line is that I have not heard another word and am wondering how close to receiving tracking information for the machine I might be.

Sign up for UPS My Choice. They’ll give you a tracking number before Glowforge does.

I am a member of UPS My Choice and that is good advice for all. The message I received this Saturday was the first one ever that did not notify me the day before the package was supposed to arrive. I guess I am just wondering how many days before receiving the Glowforge unit - did others receive the proof grade materials - or is it a not relevant comparison.

It’s not really a relevant comparison. They ship from different sides of the country. They presumably have a lot more PG available than Glowforge’s. It shouldn’t be too long though.

It’s on a very s l o w train :frowning: But at least you know it’s moving your direction (more or less) :grinning:

I returned my acceptance on January 3rd. Proofgrade material came about a week later (no UPS tracking. It just arrived), Tracking email for the GF came on 1/20 and delivery is set for 1/26.

I’m learning Illustrator better, buying more proofgrade materials, watching videos and reading all the new posts. Figuring out what my escutcheon should be, and generally ignoring my paying job altogether. Now, if I could only shorten the time space continuum. three days is just too far… :grinning:

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I just received my wood package today, got my email on the 12th and replied like within 20 minutes (had to read it all). Not sure when the next packages will come and I’m signed up for Ups and got my email before Ups let me know.