Just experimenting with making a vector file out of a design and using two materials to make an object


Beautiful inlay! What is that…a sparkle acrylic? :grinning:


yes, black acrylic with silver glitter in it

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Ok that’s seriously tasty. Did you adjust for kerf or is that just cut one cut two and swap?


no adjusting, just 1 file, 2 cuts on 2 different materials


My first attempt - Version one on the left is all proof-grade scraps and just my first attempt. Version two is mostly wood from my firewood pile. I have an accu slice (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aM-fyNV311k) and a little ripper (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIgJKOUo2r4) to cut and rip my own veneers and wood for my glowforge. That being said I’m not really saving any money over proof grade. (the third image is me sailing and not really related) Enjoy!

- Favorite wood is the crazy bright yellow wood. I bought two cords of wood for this cold winter in New Jersey and found is mixed in. Still trying to figure out what kind of wood it is. Please excuse all typos and bad grammar… posting while on a bus.


Ya, i like this. wanting to do some similar stuff.

That’s the wood’s natural color? Wow! Thought for sure you’d painted it.

Could be Mulberry, esp if it really burns hot and pops a lot in the fireplace…

Or maybe yellowheart? I don’t know if that grows near Jersey or if only in other parts of the world. I’ve seen some bright yellow like that though.

Really cool inlay project @ccox1!

@ousniper, it’s nice to see that you can just make two cuts and they fit perfectly like that, without adjusting for kerf. Opens a lot of opportunities.


The Wood Database lists it as a Brazilian native, but local “common” names for both plant and animal species very widely (often just miles apart), so I have no doubt something in NJ is known as yellowheart. :grin:

Btw (and completely OT), one of the key products that my organization will eventually publish is a definitive “gold standard” DNA-based identification of mosquito species in each state – as it stands now, genetically-identical species in neighboring states often have completely different names, which is a huge challenge to combating public health issues such as West Nile, tularemia, dengue, etc.


I can’t mention the name we call them here (not in a family forum at least…":zipper_mouth_face: