Just for me

Well, it only took me four years to get around to this project…

Wonder how long until I make that sous vide cheat sheet?


Fabulous idea! I always have to hunt through the pile of cookbooks to find mine. :smile:


Great idea. I have resorted to taking pics of my favorite/most used recipes so i can just look them up on my phone.


I’d thought of doing that on a cutting board. Love the bread shape! But since I make bread every other day or two, I have all the ingredients memorized. Would still be fun to do though, and a good idea.


This is my every-other-day recipe, but I’ve reached an age where I don’t 100% trust my memory, especially if I’ve skipped more than a few days. :thinking:


What program did you do your design in? What size is your letters? And I think doing recipes for any favorite food - pies, cakes, cookies, bbq, etc., would be fabulous. Oooh…directions on favorite bbq meat spices, temps, etc., on a cutting board would make a great gift! Now I’ve got ideas… :grinning:

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I designed this entirely in the GF app using a bread icon from the Noun Project (included in the Premium subscription, and generated the text in Word. I have no idea what font size was used, because it really doesn’t matter (see below). I placed the bread icon in the app, resized it to about 8 inches as a good starting place and set it to score, then used the Premium Outline tool to create the outer line and set it to cut.

The text was just copy & pasted from Word to the app, initially placed outside the design and sized approximately. Once I was pretty happy with the text size relative to the score line, I moved it over the score & cut, and set it to HD Engrave. I selected all 3 elements, centered them using the Premium Alignment tool and resized them until it looked right.

Hit Print – Boom, done.


So cool! Now I wanna do that.


I love it!! Excellent project!

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Very fun!

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Ooo. I etched the pie crust recipe into the kitchenaid bowl with multiple rounds of acid. :slight_smile:

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This would have been so much easier than weeding when I cut my recipe from vinyl and made tea towels for my daughter and daughters-in-law!!


Great, thanks! I have the Premium subscription, but haven’t really explored it. New stuff to look at!

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