Just got my email (Pro, day 15 order)

Their guesstimate was Monday (Oct 16) but just received my “golden email” for my day 15 Pro order.

I don’t know the magic involved with that but super excited to finally receive this device, preferably before December.

A shame really that the art commission I originally ordered it for was completed elsewhere and exhibited well over a year ago :slight_smile:


Congrats on the “Golden Email”!!!

Looking forward to your creations.


Congrats! :grinning:


I “liked” for you getting the email…not that it was too late for your project!

I hope more inspiration strikes :blush:



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Very happy for you to get the email. As a day 20 Pro order … it’s nice to see it getting so close!

~looks at your day~
~looks at the Latest Schedule header~
~looks at your day…~

Fifteen is not Ten.

I’m happy for you, genuinely I am (because the closer you are at day 15, the closer I am to day 17), but it does call into question the validity of words… numbers… the fragility of human consciousness as a construct of itself…

I’ll eagerly await your update to see when your forge comes in.

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@pygmaelion I wondered about that myself, but the email I received said “shipping date October 16” and they did indeed email me on the 18th; I’m not going to look any gift horses in the mouth here.

will update when I get my UPS shipping notification and when it arrives, I’ve appreciated updates from others and I’ll return the favor when it happens.

Well, that guesstimate was more accurate than I expected.

Dan posted a response to a similarly worded question (“it said Oct 13 and I haven’t gotten the email yet”) that the date is an approximate because they tend to send out the emails only once a week or so - which makes sense relative to his other statement about them sending emails out in relation to the number of machines projected to come off the line so they could be allocated.

I’d look at the account page date as something more along the lines of “the week of” I’ll get that email.

So I’m a big noob to all this forum stuff. But I was curious if anyone can tell me if I should have received my email already by looking at the screen shots attached?

Yes, it looks like you should have gotten it - or be getting it this week. The should have comes from having that date still in your account info. Dan said they bundle the emails so it might be a few days but we’re closing in on a week. I think I’ve seen a few “I got the email” announcements today so if that’s the case perhaps today is their email day this week. If you don’t get it today/tomorrow, I’d send Rita or Dan an email (not a PM or post) to ask.

They really need to get this wrinkle worked out. I was surprised to see when they started sending the “this is your date” emails that some of those dates were the same as that gave them no leeway to get the predictive scheduling to sync up with the existing notification system.

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I’d be checking my spam folder. And again. And again. And if it hadn’t arrived by Saturday morning emailing support.

Good for you! That’s good context, my predicted date for the Golden Email is today, so I guess I shouldn’t expect it until maybe next Monday at this point. Oh, well…
Anyway, glad yours is in process!

Proofgrade shipment arrived last Friday (Oct 27) but nothing yet on the Glowforge front. I have a feeling it’s going to be a few weeks yet.

Just received shipping notification email with tracking numbers - Glowforge is slated to arrive next Tuesday (Nov 14th). So about one month from initial email received.


And, to round it up here, the Glowforge arrived today around noon (two days early)… with a big hole in the top of the box. Doesn’t look like anything’s damaged inside but once we unpack it we’ll have a look.

In any case, it’s finally here… two years, one month, and 5 days later.