Just got my Forge, did some engraving for my second print plaque



I received my Glowforge last week and have it set up and ready to go with ventilation and its own space. I printed the Founder’s ruler and for the second print decided I wanted to try my hand at engraving. I modified a picture I took of a mountain from Nepal and added it into the plaque file. It came out better than expected for my first attempt. I’m pretty excited to try more and more engraving!


Wow! What a beautiful photo! (And engrave!) :grinning:


What fun! Nice job!


And the door to many possibilities just opened! Enjoy the adventure :sunglasses:


Great job–I can feel the freeze!


Thanks all! I’m way excited about the possibilities this opens up. I have a CNC router as well so this is filling out the toys and gives me some options for combining the laser with other projects. Looking forward to more exploration and sharing with the community.


Welcome! Your mountain engrave is a wonderful start. I’m excited to see what you’ll make combining all your tools!