Just got my Tracking Email!

I can finally stop checking email every 20 minutes like I’ve been doing for the last 3 weeks. Due to get my Forge next Monday. SOOPER excited. (Pro; Day 18 order)

Yes, I updated the spreadsheet.
No, I haven’t picked a name yet.
No, the space in my workshop is not prepared.
No, I haven’t worked out the venting plan yet.
No, I haven’t learned enough Illustrator, Fusion 360, Sketchup, nor Photoshop yet.
No, I don’t know what my first cut’s gonna be.

Oh, but I’m ready…

Ok, this is weird. I used the tracking links from the GlowForge email which takes me to the general UPS tracker, and that says delivery on 11/20 by end of day.
Then I logged into UPS My Choice and it says 11/21 between 10 and 2.
Same tracking numbers. Anyone else see that before?
Freaky. So what day do I stay home? I guess I’ll watch and they will converge, but that’s really odd.
Stay tuned.

So it still says 11/21 on the first screen of My Choice, but digging further into the tracker, there’s now a page that says Originally Scheduled for 11/21, but also it says Scheduled for Early Delivery on 11/20.
Which is super cool.

So the moral of the story, children, is that I need to just calm down and stop checking it every 20 minutes.
Let’s see how that goes. :wink:




Where are you in Pennsylvania … I’m in the Erie area. :glowforge::sunglasses:

27 October Basic … still waiting for shipping!

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I’m the other side of the state, outside Philly. My fingers are crossed for you!

I got my tracking today too! Mine arrives next Tues!


Just got my tracking info via UPS MyChoice … Oct 15, 2015 Basic due here in Pennsylvania next Tuesday the 21st. How 'bout dat :tada::tada::tada:


Hey, me too! I’m in Philly as I write this, but live in Pottstown. Where ya at?

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Does UPS happen to say if your package Is on a truck already or just that the info has been generated?

Yay @UrJac, @mad_macs, and @bmcgrain! :tada::tada::tada:


Congrats! I am 10/14/15 basic received proofgrade last week, hanging tight for the same news you received on shipment


79 pound package had a departure scan last night ar 11:11pm. The other is still waiting for pickup. :sunglasses:


Lots of PA people! I’m in State College and got my tracking from GF yesterday, but noticed it earlier on UPS. I’m getting something on Friday and Monday. Such a terrible tease! At least I have the weekend to figure out venting/location.

For people tracking, I got my email on 10/25. The proofgrade arrived exactly a week later on 11/1. I ordered a pro on 10/14/15.

I edited this because the tracking numbers in my email were listed as the same, but the links went to different numbers.


Let’s see… last update for me was a departure scan in California at 12:30 AM yesterday. Still tracking for Monday the 20th. I’m going to have a very very busy weekend…

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Just 15 miles south of you in West Chester! Just scanned the spreadsheet (was it just reordered by delivery date? When did that happen??) and is that you at the TOP? Wow, you’ve had yours for forever. :star_struck:

Yeah, I kinda have. :blush: By far the coolest and most fun tool I own. 0 regrets (aside from not being creative… or artistic… or…).

Well, hey! You should come out tonight to Appetites On Main in Exton where I’ll be hosting karaoke! I’ll buy ya a drink!


Hmm I hope that means mine shipped yesterday as well. Thanks!

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You can try directly logging into the UPS website (if you previously setup my choice) and see if something shows there

While I’ve had My Choice turned on for years, I just logged in today and found that the glowforge shipping is listed on my “My Choice Delivery Planner” (calendar thingy) https://wwwapps.ups.com/mcdp?loc=en_US

Tracking shows it shipped last night, but so far haven’t gotten any emails from UPS or Glowforge about it (quite surprised I didn’t get a UPS email - not sure whats going on there)

Update: at 3pm Eastern (the day after tracking shows the GF shipped) I received the “Your Glowforge is on the way” email from GF - still nothing from UPS.

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OK! Not just me then. Fingers crossed for both of us.

I don’t/cant set up UPS mychoice because I am shipping it to a recieving location not directly too me. But I ordered a basic on the 13th so I was curious what UPS said. We will see when/if I get a tracking number from GF

Congratulations! … the anticipation has been long enough. When I get that email and my Pro, I am going to call in sick! lol

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