Just learning please be nice

So I just started playing with how the glowforge works and just wanted to add a few photos of the things I made.


What’s not to be nice about? Great first projects.


I wish my first projects turned out that well :slight_smile: you did a good job. But as a millennial i cant read those skribbly things you put on there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol. JK


Beautiful stuff!

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Nice work. If you care for constructive criticism, choose fonts, or re-arrange letters, so that script letters are joined. Specifically referring to the last pic.

… or feel free to tell me to keep my opinions to myself! :laughing:


Constructive criticism is always welcome. You opinions are appreciated.

Everyone will be really nice until you ask for a feature they don’t want. :wink:

Very nice projects! Welcome aboard.

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Nice job. It is obvious you are enjoying your Glowforge.

Nice work! It’s a fun learning curve, enjoy the ride!

Excellent engravings!

Sometimes lol. Sometimes you just want to pull all your hair out… :grin::grin:

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Off to a great start!! Really. All playtime is learning time. If I can offer a tip… a notebook to record settings. You’ll be doing something similar in a month and be wondering. :sunglasses:

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Thank you that’s a great idea.

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Sorry but you have a typo in that first one. The last line should start with “That” not “than”.
Everything else looks good!

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That’s nice that you would say sorry but its not a typo its part of a song. That’s the correct words.

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Oh, I apologize. Just doesn’t make sense to me that way haha.

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It didn’t to me either. Had to look it up to make sure that’s what he was saying. lol


Great first projects!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I see good work.


Thank you