Just received my Glowforge!

I just got my Glowforge and it is awesome! Made a couple of quick free designs and am really looking forward to tinkering with this!



Love the tiki match box!

That matchbox is amazing.
I can just imagine an LED candle inside of it flickering behind those eyes.

Congrats on what looks like an awesome first day!

Congratulations! What a fun design on the matchbox! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with

Thanks guys! I can’t take credit for the design though - the dice tower (matchbox) was from thingiverse:


Oh that’s so cool! (Yeah, he’s an owner here.) Looks great! :grinning:

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Matchbox? It looks like a dice tower to me. I love it

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Oops. Was probably obvious to the game players out there. :laughing:


I looks like a ceramic matchstick dispenser for strike anywhere matches. My grandmother had one and now is by my stove. would just need a strike plate.

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My great aunt had one too in her restaurant. We fought over that thing when she passed. (Not sure which cousin got it…a lot of happy memories lighting the matches for the stove and handing it to aunt Bea.) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Opie should have got it.

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My aunt Bea looked a lot different from the one in the show. (Under five feet tall, skinny all her life, with incredible upper body strength from stirring huge pots of gumbo and spaghetti sauce every day. She fed half the town who didn’t have anything else to eat, and never saved a penny as a result. She really was a saint.)