Just received my golden ticket for my Pro

The day has come! Last night around 10:45 pm Eastern I received the most coveted email. My order date was October 19, 2015 and it was originally for a basic but I upgraded to a Pro sometime after. I am so very excited! As the delivery date nears, I feel a cold coming on and I will most likely have to take some time off to forge, oops I mean recover. :innocent: Now I watch my UPS account intently until delivery.


Mine was at 10:35 pm EST today…


I ordered my pro on the 19th around noon eastern time. Haven’t gotten my golden ticket email yet. Hopefully I’ll get it today.

Awesome news! Update the spreadsheet and keep its posted!

Congrats! @thor5694 and @tonybarnhill

Congrats! Funny that I feel like I won the lottery rather just getting something I ordered over 2 years ago.

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Great to hear! I am an October 20th order myself. :slight_smile:

Could you give me the link to the spreadsheet?


UPS just alerted me that my proof grade material is shipping. Delivery date of Nov 6th. Hopefully I will get another notice soon with my GF.


Weird that I have a 1 LBS box coming from GLOWFORGE, MILPITAS, CA. Could this be the extras that come with the Glowforge or is this perhaps the unit itself with the weight wrong? I am somewhat confused as I thought the extra materials shipped from Smyrna, TN.

It’s that new lightweight model… :smile:

(I’d guess typo or someone left the weight slot blank and it defaulted. Man, is some poor delivery guy going to be surprised! ROFL!)


Hope they didn’t forget to put the GF in and sent you an empty box, although I guess even that weighs more than 1lbs.

I sent an email to GF with the tracking number asking them to identify the shipment. If it was my GF it would be amazingly fast shipping!

Did you order additional items? Like spare goggles?

Too funny. I just got the email from GF that the proof grade material I ordered shipped. Well it actually arrived yesterday. Guess they are behind, even on emails. :+1:

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I just received the UPS notification for the proof grade materials shipment. I suppose this means I am getting closer to actually receiving my GF. :grinning:. Althoigh I got the UPS notification late last night, the estimated arrival is tomorrow. That is pretty quick.

On another note, it appears my Maslow CNC is also arriving tomorrow. I suppose I need to complete my GF workbench so I can get to work on the Maslow frame.

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I got one of these too when I ordered an extra part from the store. Shipped at the same time as the Glowforge, but in a separate bubble pack.

Yes I spent all my credits at the GF store and I got that last week. Now I have a new shipment from the store and it’s the material they send out before you get your GF. I am hoping that my GF is not too far away now…

I finished the workbench for my GF. I posted the pics here: https://community.glowforge.com/t/possible-cheap-venting-solution-on-sale/13513?u=thor5694

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