Just saw this "game tokens" link on Facebook



These look pretty cool. I’m sure I’ll find some inspiration from these for some future use.

Away with pencil and paper - score keeper

Those look great. I just bookmarked this for later reference.



I’ll say they are cool! And from our good friend @m_raynsford no less!


cool! i didn’t realize that.


Very cool. We enjoy games at our house. We’ve already made some plans to enhance some games with our 'forge. Replace fragile cards with acrylic… replace entire pieces… make custom checkers… Fun stuff!


It took me a minute looking at this to realize what was going on and how the rotation worked. This is really clever use of magnets that is going to spur some ideas. Thanks for sharing it!


My circle of friends has a lot of Eurogames, nearly all of them need some kind of improvement that can be lasercut, it’s a running joke on game night. “Do you know what this needs…”


Awesome! I hope I’ll get recognized on Facebook too.


These are awesome. But the magnets are the special touch that got some brain cells engaged.

Set up the magnets to align same polarity, causing repulsion. Balance the weight of the top piece so that it presses down just enough to keep in the well of the lower piece and not slide away.

You now have a random number generator/spinner!


Sounds good, but…
Won’t the magnets just end up trying to slide past each other and jamming the sides together?
Unless you use something slick like delrin and sand the hell out of it while keeping the fit precise I doubt it will spin very well. Might be more of a lathe project then a laser one.


Yeah, with two cylindrical magnets pointed at one another, it would slam into the sides. But if you can get a hollow cylindrical magnet on the bottom, you can get a centered levitation (then the problem is reversed and it never stops)


Are you proposing a magnetic bearing using permanent magnets? If so see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earnshaw's_theorem.


More one of these things:

Which you can do with a ring and cylinder to fair approximation.