Just stops at "Preparing Design"

I’m having an odd issue.

I’m trying to cut and etch a piece of corrugated cardboard. The file is loaded as an SVG, all the manual settings are in including material height. But as I go to print I get all the way to “Preparing Design” and after a little bit the dialogue just disappears… No error, nothing… I’ve rechecked things several times and the result is always the same.

Any thoughts out there, I’m not finding any other posts with this issue.


I am having issues also…It is stopping a scanning material. I have closed the program several times and also restarted the machine…

Posting the file, if you’re comfortable doing that, can sometimes help speed things along. Someone can check and see if it’s a file issue, or something else.


Here it is. I opened it in Illustrator once more and saved it again, with no changes made. Now the file works, but the app is recognizing a 3rd element in it that appears as a large grey rectangle over the left panel. So I set that to ignore, and the job seems to be running okay.

Doesn’t make an abundance of sense. Is it possible that Illustrator is making a bum SVG from time to time?

That is a white filled rectangle. I’m guessing this was traced in Illustrator? One of the things that is a best practice when tracing is to go down into the advanced options of the trace dialog and choose “ignore white”. Each of those black shapes/outlines has an actual white filled shape on the inside.

Are you going to be engraving that or cutting?

Good to know, yes I traced it, I’m still very much learning Illustrator.

I’m engraving the seahorse to expose the corrugations, then cut the panels. Next bit now is dialing in my settings :slight_smile:

It should engrave ok. On the traced stuff that you want to do cuts with, you need to be careful of double cuts. To see exactly what the vector pathing is, use command-y or control-y to enter outline mode. That will show you a lot about how the file is set up.

Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it.

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My guess is that it is a bit big and there are some other issues as @jbmanning5 pointed out. Each of those plates were a couple stacked objects.

Not quite sure what you were going for but this is what the file looks like at the moment.

So the white is set as a filled color. You want that “unset”. Then the black around all the plates of the seahorse is a shape itself filled with black but no stroke.

I assume you simply want the plates all to be engraved completely and not engraved as an outline all around each?

I think this has all closed path, compound objects for the scales and plant. It should engrave fine. No duplicates now:


This is where the centerline trace function is needed, otherwise you get a trace with a compound shape outline of the drawing.


here: I need to fix the file. There are still a few scales that are doubled. Will repost later. Hard to hunt all the duplicate objects down.<del

Fixed it.

Here is the file that has the scales shrunk so as to be able to cut out the shapes and still leave enough to hold together.seahorse

Thanks so much for your help, @jbmanning5 and @marmak3261!

@michael_leonard I’m going to close this thread - if you run into anything else, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this.