Just to Vent/Whine/Whatever

Thought this was a good place to post since there isn’t really any other place for it.

I just need to vent over the fact that i am without my Glowie at the moment. My last project (which i call burns) was back in May when i did the cutting board and some bamboo utensils. The all came out well.

Fast forward to Father’s Day and i was all set to do a HP themed flask for my dad (was adding a Polyjuice Potion label) and no pews. I was perplexed. I came to the forums and read a little bit, tried to clean all my lenses, posted, got some good advice, tried it, not such luck, got more advice, tried that, still not working. Chelsea from tech support came in to assist, looks like at least 1 lens is damaged and possible the mirror. Ordered new ones. Now i wait. (really hope that is all it is)

Its the waiting that is the worst. i have so many things i want to make and am just so frustrated that i didnt do more over the past year.

/sigh ok i am good now.


This is the place for it. Fret not, they’ll get you set back up and you’ll be back in the saddle again before you know it. (And lens and mirror are user replaceable, so that was a lucky break for you - you didn’t have to send it back in for repairs. That can take a long time.)


Kinda afraid that the lens and mirror arent really the issue as the flashes from the laser didnt seem as bright as previous burns. But it will take the new parts to confirm that.

fingers crossed


Oh yeah, it could easily be that. The laser path has to bounce off the mirror and go through the lens at a certain angle…if that got out of whack for whatever reason, the lens can get burned, or the beam won’t be strong enough. New mirror and lens will hopefully fix it up.


I feel your pain. My GF is in perfect working order, but I’m not. I’ve got at least a few more weeks until I’ll be recovered enough from ankle surgery to get downstairs to where it is and still have enough strength left to remain upright long enough to run a job!

I’ve found whining on the forums while waiting through such things is great therapy. We’re here for ya!


I’m hoping the best for you because this is the way you correctly whine. No histrionics just getting it off your chest I get it.


Just typing it out, your feelings - it’s therapeutic. That’s why bartenders are cheaper than a therapist.


@PrintToLaser, I don’t know… my bartender is doing pretty well…


But the array of meds is much more limited if tastier! :woozy_face:

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