Just when I thought I was gettin' the hang of things!

Got my :glowforge: Pro a couple of weeks ago and was all set to get crankin’ when the NorCal fires were raging. I wasn’t directly threatened, but spent the better part of a week helping with (mostly horse related) rescues.

So now that things have quieted down, it’s back to play time.

I have absolutely no laser or graphics experience, but my motto is: “Often wrong, but never in doubt”. I was feeling pretty pleased with my progress (made the obligatory Founder’s Ruler, a couple of votive/tea candle holders, the :glowforge: keychain hole/radius guage, tried out the Trace function, all without a hitch). Onward and upward, I says to meself: “Self, you are all over this…time to make your own design from scratch”.

I do leather work, and have a multitude of stamping/embossing tools that needed racks.

Jumping headlong into Inkscape, I spent the first half day feeling like a complete idiot in terms of understanding and application of illustration-type programs. Little by little, the pieces started coming together and I was able to make a tool holder that I was proud of. Laser’d in Draftboard and :proofgrade: acrylic, it came out just as I had hoped. Soooo…I’m thinkin’: Let’s make another out of some nice plywood!

Long story short, the second shot is showing holes in the bottom piece rather than scoring. I have done absolutely nothing the file since it printed successfully. Any ideas what could be causing the GFUI to misinterpret the file?

Tool Holder Top-Bottom

BTW, I love this machine…it’s going to be a game changer for me!

Thanks in advance for your help.

Edit: the bottom piece that I referenced is actually the top piece (the one with the gray circles)


Actually those circles can be either cut or scored, you just have to choose differently in the GFUI. Score is never a default so you always have to change the default cut to a score. You probably did this when you made the tool holder before and just forgot.

Give it a try!



You are spot on! Now “printing” as expected. Thanks for your help.


Thanks Cynd11 - you’re a rockstar!