Kaboom! Can/cup

Hi Everyone! Considering my conundrum I ran in to working on the Kaboom! Engrave, with the leather I had being too small, I decided to figure out how to make a barrel that would be big enough. I am including the file and explaining my process, BUT I did need to finagle the bottom piece a bit, so it’s not 100% print-and-go.

Originally, my intent was to assemble the slats in the rings and then glue the base (the piece with notches engraved out) upside down and inside so the engraved notches sit over the extended posts of the bottom ring. BUT once I got the cylinder together, the base was too tight to push through all of it, so I sanded down all 12 sides of the base just a little and wedged it in underneath. It’s tight, no glue, I could probably throw it against a wall and it would break before it comes apart, but took a little extra elbow grease to get it there.

I actually ended up coloring it after assembly because I did a dry fit of one piece and it wouldn’t un-fit. So, it’s workable, but not quite as easy peasy lemon squeezy as I’d hoped. Below is the file if you want to try it and/or tweak it, right-click and save as:
Kaboom Barrel

Thanks for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


That’s a great looking barrel!

To be clear did you have to sand the pegs to be shorter or narrower - or the barrel sides to be narrower - or something else?

I’m not a huge Kaboom player - but I love the design of the cylinder!


It looks like the top ones are shorter but the bottom ones are longer to hold the bottom in place?

So I am guessing the bottom, so the base would fit?

[Edit] I think I see what you are saying. I am guessing you are right.


I love this. Great job on the wood engrave too!


apologies I wasn’t horribly clear, I didn’t get a picture of the base piece. So the bottom ring has longer posts that stick out in to cylinder, the dodecagon piece was supposed to go upside down on top of the tabs, with the engraved notches facing down and good for glue. But was too tight to push through the length of the cylinder.

Instead, I sanded the 12 sides of the dodecagon base piece and it was still too tight to push through the whole thing, but just right to pressure-fit in to the bottom from the underneath side. So yes, the tabs were supposed to be underneath, with the base sitting on top of them, not inside. Maybe these will help?


Great design! Lots of opportunity here!


Got it! Totally clear now :slight_smile:

Love it! I see why it was challenging. Thanks for the design.


I like the shape also. Thank you!