Kaboom! engrave for No-Sew Cylindrical Container in catalog

Hi Everyone! I have one small piece of medium leather hanging out for a year that came with my forge, still haven’t thought of what to do with it, and have NO other leather working supplies, so no staining/finishing/sealing/hardware, etc. Well, I’ve been playing this game with my son called Kaboom!, I think I originally came across it on Pinterest or something. Essentially, you write sight words (or math problems if you want to do math, etc.) on one end of Popsicle sticks and a few that say KABOOM. Take turns drawing sticks, if they know the word, they keep the stick, if they don’t, you teach them and put it back (of course, I get added learning if I pretend once in a while to not know it and let him keep MY stick if he does) If Kaboom is drawn, they put all their sticks back in the can. Because someone will always eventually draw Kaboom and put sticks back in the can, it could go on forever.

Been using a toilet paper roll that I had covered the bottom of, but there’s at least 100 sight words, and I needed something bigger to hold that many (adding 10 a week, the same 10 he learns in school that week). Well, I came across the “No-Sew Cylindrical Leather Container” in the catalog and thought that would be perfect. So I drew up this engrave design with a Kaboom graphic and 100 sight words all over it. I do think the sticks are taller than the canister, though, so I don’t believe the lid top will go on.

Unfortunately, my leather piece appears to be just a hair small, probably livable if the edges of the scallops get trimmed a little, but I’m not sure I’m entirely committed to using my one piece for it. But I didn’t want the design to go unused, I’m all for helping kids learn, so if you can use it, by all means, please enjoy!

Kaboom Can engrave


Haha—I like the way you cheat…

Nice engrave, thanks!


What a fun way to help kids learn! I imagine you could make it any age game - charades, Uno, etc. I do think you’d eventually regret using your one piece of leather for it though, as it wouldn’t be too long before those words are outgrown and you’d wish you’d have done something else with it.


As a teacher, this is awesome!!! Sadly, I don’t have premium so I don’t have the pattern. I will have to write another grant to try to get funds for that now!


You don’t have to have Premium to get the pattern. You only need Premium to get it for free. For everyone else, it’s $7.99. So just write a very SMALL grant. :slight_smile:


Great share! Thanks!


yes, this is the truth of anything educational engraved in stone (although in this case, leather)…it will eventually be outgrown…if not, then it probably isn’t working very well :slight_smile: Though, having them all on the outside could add a fun “hide and seek” element to it if they want to try and find the word.


i understand. the Saddle faux leather from JPP might work - I love the way the black engraves silver- and of course Proofgrade is on sale;)

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Awesome idea! I’m obsessed with educational tools.