Karuba boardgame add-on tiles

I received my GF during Christmas while I had a house full of guests for a week - I had to keep saying “when are you leaving? I think your animals miss you - you should go home.”. :slight_smile:

Received the boardgame Karuba for Christmas and decided it needed the add-ons, so I made them. I would like to fill the little meeples with colored resin at some point. Made with proof grade maple. I accidently put the volcano tiles too near the top of the wood, so the top of the volcano tiles are little goofy, but that is ok. I got the images from the noun project that someone here recommended a while back - what a great resource for quality icons/clipart.

I am so excited to finally have my own GF!!



My picture didn’t show up for some reason - so trying again.


Oh that’s cool! :grinning:

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I recently received Karuba as well… won it in a raffle at a 24 hour board game marathon! I have yet to play it, but when I do, I’ll certainly be on the lookout for the potential upgrades!!!

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Looks like a volcano to me… or Lisa Simpson in a dress. Ha! (Actually a very nice job) :+1: