Keep Getting "Can't take picture" Error

I keep getting the “Can’t take picture” error on my glowforge. It was working fine and then one day I turned it on and it stopped. I followed all the steps, I ordered a new black lid cable and replaced, but still nothing. It will scan and move to centering but the camera head won’t move. Anyone have any idea what the issue can be? I have a lot of orders to fulfill but cannot get it to work.

Have you contacted support, and sent them the required pics?

They can verify in the logs, but if a new lid cable didn’t solve it, the machine will likely need to be replaced.


I did last week, but no response so far. I was hopeful the lid cable would solve it, but I’m worried it’s the white lid cable that may be the issue.

That would be unusual. Unlike the black cable which is folded every time the lid is operated, that cable should never be touched or stressed in any way, so unless it was dislodged somehow or got moisture in a connector causing a short, it’s a life-of-the-machine part,

Not sure if support has ever provided those.


I have not heard of the camera cable itself malfunctioning.

There’s a troubleshooting forum on how to replace them so I’m sure it’s rare but possible, at least I’m hopeful that is the only issue and fixes it.

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