Keep The Faith?

I ordered My Pro in 2015 and despite the latest schedule, I feel my dream Glowforge built up is dying.
I believe by the time it gets shipped I will get it by the end of this year or most likely next year as I’m in the UK.
I don’t know about you guys, but if I don’t get assurance that i’ll get this before the end of this year, then I want my money back.
Ive been patient and quiet and appreciated the lengthily delay due to getting the job done right 1st time. But its getting to the stage where I don’t think Im excited anymore.

Sorry Glowforgers.


You’re definitely not alone and I can’t imagine how rough it is not having more information on the international shipping. I’ve hit the point where I really do just need to stop visiting the forums until my unit ships. Hopefully out-of-sight, out-of-mind will help the time go more quickly.


I still believe in the product itself, but as far as faith in the company that’s pretty much bottomed out. And I do realize the irony of that statement given the item is dependent on the continuing cloud support from the company.

Can’t say I can even fathom the outlook for you international orders, I am disillusioned and I ordered on day 2, tacking untold extra time and total uncertainty on, lets just say you have far better resolve than I.


By your title, I’m wondering if you seek encouragement or commiseration.
You gotta go with what makes you sleep best.
From my perspective, keep the faith. You’ll get it, and you’ll love it.
But you gotta live with your choices.
Good luck making the right choice for you.


No, I’ve pretty much decided that even if it slips again, (a strong possibility based on the shipping and assembly problems they’ve run into recently), I intend to stick it out.

I realize that’s because I’ve had a chance to use an early version of it, and you guys haven’t yet, and that isn’t fair in any way, but that’s how it shook out. I volunteered to test it and got picked. All I can do is tell you that I think the wait will be worth it, and that I also suspect you’ll wind up regretting it very deeply if you cancel right before they get the last little snafus worked out and start shipping in bulk.

But that decision has to be up to you. There isn’t any way we can get reassurances about target shipping dates.

Good luck making the right decision for you.


I’m with you 110% on this. I’m running a project now that was an incredible pain to get setup to run properly and necessitated my first Support email in over a month.

But it’s halfway through what I expect to be a 2 1/2 hour series using the new grayscale engraving and I’m incredibly impressed. @Rita sent me a tip I’ll try tomorrow to see if it streamlines things a bit which would be awesome.

I’ll post a report when I’m done but I haven’t fussed with any settings and it’s coming out better than anything I’ve gotten out of the other lasers ever.


Never used any other laser, so I have no way to compare them, but I know you have…that means a lot coming from you. :grinning:


A poem of wait .from the Gods of GLOWFORGE . Wait wait wait , why is waiting so hard ? I purchased the basic when it was announced , and still I must wait. Everybody is receiving emails getting their glowforge but I wait. I want to build ships , live in a house , create wonderful things . It can be frustrating , but all we can do , well ! So I must wait .


That’s very poetic. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll hang in there until I have it, but I’m so ready to start ignoring the forum. It sucks seeing the cool stuff people are making and having to sit on the sidelines. I’d rather try to “forget” that it’s coming versus having it rubbed in my face daily that mine isn’t here yet.


I’m in the UK too.
I’m still waiting and will do so for as long as it takes, it’s paid for anyway now.
Not engaging with the forum much now though, I just don’t have the same enthusiasm anymore.
It’ll come when it comes and in the meantime, I’ll just stay off the rollercoaster.


I am also an international owner waiting and debating. At this point I am pretty sure I will continue to wait because from all the videos and reviews I have read I am still confident that the GF will be worth it. I have however had to become more realistic and put the GF lower on my priorities list. When I was recently offered a second job I made the decision to take it. Yes it means I will have very little time for my GF when it arrives but I can’t keep telling myself how I will be able to increase my income with it and instead opt for something that is guaranteed. I still want my GF and I still want to build a business around it, I think one of the hardest parts for all of us waiting is the sense that a part of our lives have been put on hold while we wait. For international orders like us it feels like we are at the bottom of the list. But at least for now I feel that when it arrives, we will be happy we waited.


UK here too and equally getting uncomfortable about possible delays…

The various shipping issues haven’t helped either.

And no news on certification


I nearly dropped out when the whole tube issue came up, and I’ve been dithering ever since. Because I think it will be here before Christmas I’m hanging on, but if it drifts back to 2018 then I’m out


NL(EUR) here and I am right there with you. I have decided early on that I’ll have to sit this one out. I’ve waited too long to give up now. I’m also sick and tired of explaining to friends on what’s going on with “that laser that you were so excited about”.

I am expecting Glowforges outside of the US to be delivered dead last. Big shipping issues and high customs fees…

“Made in 'murica” for doesn’t really get the vote of confidence here in Europe. The tag comes in just above the ‘dreaded’ “Made in China” tag. With the only real positive that instructions will be in plain English.


most high tech things that consumers use are made in china and work great. like any country, you get what you pay for, and china makes nice things alongside cheap crap. ‘made in china’ shouldn’t engender dread.


I also ordered a pro on day 4 (I think) of the campaign. I’m sticking with it but I have concerns, especially since I was recently made aware of the returns policy.

However, I’m sticking it out because the upside outweighs the ‘possible’ downside. The machine and company represent what I want from my tech and also how I want to be treated as a customer. Although they have not always got it right, I can see that Glowforge are striving to be great. In this they resemble some other Seattle companies that I work with (like Wizards of the Coast and Pokémon Intl).

All in all, you gotta do what’s right for you. If there is another delay, I will re-evaluate what I’m told, the length of the delay, why etc before making a decision but having waited this long, I doubt I’ll cash out.

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In America we have a slightly different take on where our products sit in the global quality arena. Perhaps because we tend to view the quality of countrys products by the cars they produce.

France-Citroen 2CV

and Peugeot (The ones imported here were not fantastic

HSV GTS Maloo.


Sweden- Saab/Volvo You don’t ask a Saab owner how many miles they have on their engine, you ask how many engines they have had.
We generally think safety when we think of Sweden.





Germany- Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, MINI(now owned by BMW) Precision, reliability, expensive maintenance and repair. Serviceable, except for that one bolt on the water pump you need to drop the engine to remove.

Italy-Lambos, Ferraris. Pretty, fast, pretty fast. Alfa Romero. Plan on a lot of Garage time if you own an Italian car. The leather seats are nice though.

Japan-Toyota, Honda. Great gas mileage. What does that wire/hose do?

Britain- MG, Mini, Rover. Do you know why the Brits don’t make televisions? They can’t figure out how to make them leak oil.

USA-We have had some flops, Edsel, Tucker. But we had the ModelT, and early Ford/American stuff is hard to kill. Heavy, clunky, simple, slow.


Do I detect an opened can of worms?

Best to be quiet about these things. However I can put my hands up to a Yugo (unbelievably bad,) and a 2CV, great fun, especially when lurching around corners. There are some great cars made in Britain now. All Japanese of course.


Maybe someone will do one comparing the quality of electronic devices made by each country.

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iIm Not sure how it came to about cars, But Ive had good and crap stuff from most countries, It goes on how much you want to pay.
Im glad people are positive about the decision on the laser.
I agree, it is too far and I do think I will be waiting. I don’t want to see the waiting time as a waste of 2 years.
However, I still doubt we will get them this year. Not many people are posting about the awaited email, unless they are told not to say anything incase someone works out their schedule and/or don’t want to make us feel left out etc.

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