Keeping Individual Designs Aligned

Alright, so I decided to just do some test engraves to see what different settings looked like, so i chose this design. I uploaded it 7 different times in order to place 7 different settings on each file. So i’m basically wondering is it possible to all of the designs go where you place them in the app, I know the camera has a lot to do with it, and I know where the camera was focused, it lined those designs up perfectly in the photo below. So is there a way to do this? Or am I better off just putting all the “coaster” test pieces together, measuring, then making my Canvas size in Ai or Ps to that size. But if I did it that way, I wouldn’t be able to run tests like I was trying to do, due to the fact that it’d be all one Design that I couldn’t customize settings on each coaster.

Sorry, little bit at a loss, just realigned camera and laser because it started engraving 1/4 inch off, then tried this directly after. Thanks ahead of time everyone!

First, I use a 20x12 canvas (workspace) for all my designs. That way they don’t get resized by the GFUI.

Then I’d draw one or more of these coasters by making a 4" (or whatever size is needed) square. Then I’d drop the coaster design into the square. I’d make the squares a different color than the designs.

I’d place some copy paper on the tray and then in the UI I’d move each coaster (the square and its design should move together since the design is contained within the square) where I wanted it (roughly). Then I’d lightly score the squares (5 or 10 power 1000 speed). Next I’d place the tiles on the scored outlines that are now on the paper. Then I’d set the squares to ignore and the coasters to engrave and send the print again. The designs should be centered within the squares and everything will line up correctly.


Definitely going to try this, James! Thank you!!

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@jamesdhatch is right on. There are other approaches you might like, depends on your accuracy tolerances. Here’s another way that takes some of the hand alignment guesswork out of it:

Alignment of irregular objects (Coasters)


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